Initial Applicants For Video Gambling In Mount Prospect Up To 11

Eleven Mount Prospect restaurant owners have submitted applications to the Illinois Gaming Board to install video gaming terminals inside their establishments.

As of Monday, Sept. 17, according to the Illinois Gaming Board, new establishments being considered include Draft Picks, 912 S. Busse Rd.; Emerson’s Ale House, 113 S. Emerson St.; Hacienda El Sombrero, 1100 S. Elmhurst Rd.; Tortas Locas, 1827 W. Algonquin Rd.; La Presa Restaurant, 401 E. Euclid Ave.; Mrs. P & Me, 100 E. Prospect Ave.; and Canta Napoli, 90 E. Busse Ave.

Draft Picks owner Spiro Kondos said he plans to install the maximum five terminals allowed.

“The main reason for submitting is this is just another way to offer what your competition has offered and giving your customers a sense of entertainment,” he said. “This is just another form of entertainment.”

He believes video gambling will spur extra revenue, however, providing quality service is still the primary focus.

“I guarantee Prospect Heights and Elk Grove Village were prospering because we were not on the same level playing field,” Kondos said. “My focus first is running my business. For me, it is about taking care of customers and having that kitchen operating and providing a good product along with a good atmosphere. Everything else is secondary.”

Hacienda owner Raul Romero said he also intends to install five terminals inside his restaurant. Romero said he’s had customers leave Hacienda to go to establishments with video gaming in other towns.

“We have not been competitive with other places and we just want to be on the same page,” he said. “I am down south in Mount Prospect and just a few blocks away from places that have machines and I want to keep that business for myself. I will make more money from people staying. I am not sure how much from the machines, but I am 100 percent sure I will make more from people staying here and ordering food and drinks and spending more time here because of the machines.”

La Presa manager Norma Zepeda said they’re also seeking five terminals. She said the six-month-old business has enough space to accommodate those machines. Zepeda added some customers have also requested they provide video gaming, which she believes will provide extra revenue for the business.

Mrs. P & Me owner Chris Bozonelos said the plan is to start with three terminals. If owners find more room, they will pursue the additional two machines.

Bozonelos said part of the reason he applied with the state is to put his business on a fair playing level with competitors and other establishments in surrounding towns. He believes it will be a great revenue stream, but, like Kondos, video gambling will not be the restaurant’s main focus.

“This will not be who we are,” he said. “We want and will continue to remain who we have been for decades. We just want to offer this to our customers who partake in this form of entertainment, but it will not be the base of our business.”

As reported first by the Journal & Topics Newspapers, the first round of establishments that submitted applications after village trustees approved video gaming in August were Moretti’s Ristorante & Pizzeria, 1799 S. Busse Rd.; Mr. Beef & Pizza, 1796 Elmhurst Rd.; Paps Bar & Grill, 1904 S. Elmhurst Rd.; and Sam’s Place, 15 W. Prospect Ave.

Village trustees Aug. 21 approved video gambling in the village to help restaurant owners generate additional revenue. Only establishments where alcoholic beverages are served for consumption on premise are permitted to have a maximum of five video gaming terminals.

If video gambling licenses are granted to businesses by the state, a village license granted by the village board is required before operating the machines.

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September 26, 2018 at 07:53PM


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